Keynote for TODOS 2020 ~ Math Strong: Cultivating Space for a More Just and Humanizing Mathematics Education

An Activist - An Outspoken Advocate for Equity & Social Justice - A passionate Educator. Who is this, you ask? Why. . . it is the keynote speaker for the TODOS 2020 Conference! Introducing Dr. Julia Aguirre, University of Washington, Tacoma, author of the NCSM/NCTM Social Justice position statement who will charm and challenge us, cause some disequilibrium, and inspire us to take action. 
Julia Maria Aguirre is an Associate Professor of Education at the University of Washington Tacoma. Her work examines equity in mathematics teaching and learning, teacher education, and culturally responsive mathematics pedagogy. A primary goal of her work is preparing new generations of teachers to make mathematics education accessible, meaningful and relevant to today’s youth. Dr. Aguirre has worked with K-12 mathematics teachers in several states, has taught middle and high school mathematics, and has been a PI or Co-PI on three National Science Foundation-funded projects. In addition to numerous articles and book chapters, she is a co-author of the NCTM book, The Impact of Identity in K-8 mathematics: Rethinking Equity-Based Practices, a  co-editor of  Transforming Mathematics Teacher Education: An Equity-Based Approach, and a co-chair of AMTE’s Equity Task Force. She was the principal writer for the 2016 NCSM/TODOS joint position statement on Mathematics Education through the Lens of Social Justice: Acknowledgement, Actions, and Accountability, and writer for the 2017 AMTE Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics. She welcomes all to join her in making mathematics more humanizing, just, and equitable for our nation’s young people.