Keynote for TODOS 2020

An Activist - An Outspoken Advocate for Equity & Social Justice - A passionate Educator. Who is this, you ask? Why. . . it is the keynote speaker for the TODOS 2020 Conference! Introducing Dr. Julia Aguirre, University of Washington, Tacoma, author of the NCSM/NCTM Social Justice position statement who will charm and challenge us, cause some disequilibrium, and inspire us to take action. 

Session Types

All sessions will focus on the Conference Theme, Activating Agency for Student Access, Engagement, and Advancement in Mathematics. The TODOS 2020 Conference will include a rich blend of session types, including invited Keynotes, Ignite, and 2-hour Impact Sessions, as well as the three peer-reviewed session types listed below. Rooms will be set in round tables of 10 with a maximum of 60 participants. The TODOS 2020 Conference Program Committee is requesting proposals for the following session types:


  • Impact Sessions (2 hours): Impact sessions are the first concurrent sessions held, providing an in-depth exploration of the conference themes. 
  • Imagine (40 minutes): Imagine Sessions engage participants in the radical imagination of the possibilities for educational advocacy and justice with a short burst session showcasing research, projects, or innovations connecting such ideas to participant’s practice. Presenters should plan an interactive 40-minute session with time for a question and answer period.
  • Innovate (60 minutes): Innovate Sessions provide opportunities to share innovative and effective ideas, strategies, or resources that will influence practice in PreK-12 classrooms, professional development settings for teachers or leaders, or teacher education programs. To facilitate the success of these sessions, presenters are encouraged to use handouts or other materials (not only Powerpoint presentations) to engage participants.
  • Investigate (90 minutes): Presenters should design interactive sessions that engage participants in their exploration of ideas in order to impact their practices and settings. High levels of participation are expected in the 90-minute sessions so that participants will have opportunities to learn from others and consider implementation in different contexts.


Thursday June 25th, 2020  5:00 – 8:00 .  

Conference opening session and reception with heavy hordeurves

Friday, June 26, 2020 . 8:00 – 5:00 .   Keynote, a variety of sessions and networking .  Breakfast and Lunch included Dinner on your own

Saturday, June 27, 2020 . 8:00 – 4:30 .   Variety of sessions and interactions, Breakfast and Lunch included closing session


TODOS joins the mathematical community in mourning the passing of Karen King.  We have lost a giant in the field.

Karen D. King, PhD