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Season 5

Our Questions and Their Discourse are the Keys to Their Engagement and Learning Presented by Steve Leinwand
Language rich classrooms where students are actively engaged in thinking, communicating and problem solving because the questions we ask and the discourse we enable are the classroom in which children thrive.  We'll look at a range of examples of the questions that stimulate discourse and the amazing things that emerge when an answer is only a first step. View recording
Weaving Indigenous Perspectives & Mathematics: Landscape of Success for ALL Learners (Part 1) Presented by Florence Glanfield
In this session we will explore the different ways in which Indigenous perspectives are woven into mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning; and the ways in which those perspectives might inform success for ALL learners. View recording
Engaging Every Learner Through Hands-On Instruction Presented by Sara Moore
A solid understanding of fractions is critical for student success in mathematics. The language of fractions is precise and often confusing to learners. Manipulative models provide a structure for helping students master the vocabulary of fractions and see the connections between whole number operations and fraction operations. This workshop will share strategies for using manipulatives to model and build conceptual understanding of fraction operations. View recording
STEM’ify Your Community: STEM for ALL and ALL for STEM Presented by Carrie Chiapetta
Stamford has instituted the Stamford STEMfest which is a day of free activities centered around STEM. This festival is modeled after Ireland's Maths Week. The Stamford STEMfest goals include: 1) building an awareness about STEM for students and their parents, 2) demonstrating to students how much fun these disciplines can be, 3) showing students how these disciplines are inherent in many of the things we do every day, and 4) having students learn about the career and college opportunities in STEM. This event has been extremely successful in getting all students and the community to learn about STEM. The event is now being done in other cities around the country. Learn about this event, how it has impacted the community, and how you can get involved!  
Making Sense and Creating Connections with Transformations    #TL929 Presented by Greisy Winicki Landman.
One of the new content highlights of the CCSS-M is the use of transformations. During this session teachers will make sense of their definitions, their progression and the different roles they play in mathematics, not just in geometry.  Teachers will be invited to reflect on the different modalities used to maintain rigorous but accessible discourse and to discuss how to implement these approaches with their own students.  

Visual Geometry Proofs: Creating Rich Language Experiences without Language! Presented by

We will explore ways to simultaneously promote language development and concept development using visual proofs for areas and volumes of shapes.   This was the first recording on our new platform and there are some problems with the audio

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Learning From English Language Learners in Mathematics VoicesUnheard, Methodologies Unused presented by Higinio Dominquez

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