Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics

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Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics (TEEM) is a refereed journal published 1-3 times each year by TODOS: Mathematics for ALL and available via membership in TODOS. The intended audience of TEEM includes math educators, practitioners, leaders, and administrators at all levels. The articles in TEEM must align with the mission of TODOS: “to advocate for an equitable and high quality mathematics education for all students -- in particular, Hispanic/Latino students -- by increasing the equity awareness of educators and their ability to foster students’ proficiency in rigorous and coherent mathematics.”

The journal aims to engage mathematics education topics, involving excellence and equity simultaneously (rather than either in isolation), in a way that connects research to classroom practice and can directly inform the practice of teachers or professional developers. To this end, articles are welcomed that relate to: 
  1. All students learning mathematics that is effective and appropriate for them, on and beyond grade level expectations, beyond computational abilities, as problem solvers,
  2. A vision or example of what this looks like in the K-12 classroom (or courses for pre-service or in-service teachers), or
  3. Attention to the roles that language and culture (in a broad sense) have in teaching and learning. 
The journal defines equity broadly, including (but not limited to) issues of language, gender, ethnicity, and culture. TEEM welcomes addressing issues of language, culture, access, equity, and quality from diverse viewpoints:  teachers, teacher-leaders, administrators, professional developers, teacher preparation faculty, etc. The peer-review process generally includes double-blind review by two or three external referees and an Editorial Panelist.

The current volume is available for TODOS Members, while past issues are available for the entire education community.