TEEM 11 (Vol. 11, No. 1) - 2019

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p. 6 Teachers’ Grouping Strategies: Implications for Equity
Cara Haines, University of Missouri, and Charles Munter, University of Missouri

Abstract: In this article, we invite readers to reflect on their strategies for equitably organizing students for small-group work. We do so by sharing the results of an interview-based study of the ways in which a group of secondary mathematics teachers, working in an urban school district in which racial equity was an explicit focus, described equitable approaches to arranging students for small-group work. We share the grouping strategies that teachers described, and consider implications of those strategies for different dimensions of equity in the classroom.

p. 14 Twenty-One Days of First Grade Spanish Dual Language Immersion: A Nurturing Mathematics and Linguistic Incubation 
Rachel Reeder, Utah State University

Abstract: Analogous to a 21-day incubation period of a chick, four mathematics and linguistics practices are employed as a framework in a first grade Dual Language Immersion classroom. These practices include: 1) ConcreteRepresentational-Abstract instructional sequences, 2) Receptive and Productive Language Modalities, 3) Gradual Release of Responsibility, and 4) Number Representations and Subitizing. The article illustrates how the framework can be implemented by offering details about mathematics and management routines and examples of formal mathematics instruction.

p. 22 Experiencing Multilingualism in the Math Classroom: A Conversation Starter with Teacher Candidates
Laura Kennedy, Michigan State University, and Sandra Crespo, Michigan State University

Abstract: This article invites readers into an abbreviated version of the “Experiencing Multilingualism in the Mathematics Classroom” (EMMC) activity as they read about teacher candidates’ responses and reflections. The EMMC activity was designed as a conversation starter for teacher candidates to build their awareness and help them consider how to support emerging multilingual students in the mathematics classroom, including sensory, graphic, and interactive support strategies. Our teacher candidates’ reflections demonstrate the importance of building awareness and understanding of linguistic diversity in the mathematics classroom. They also suggest the need for more conversations and supports for teacher candidates to move beyond awareness.

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