TEEM 3 - 2011

p. 5 Passion for Equity: An Asian-American Mathematics Educator‘s Journey by Carol A. Edwards

Abstract: The recipient of the 2011 TODOS Iris M. Carl Leadership and Equity Award gives a first-person account of the life experiences that shaped her passion for equity, especially in education.

p. 10 Developing Mathematics Literacy for Bilingual Learners: A Framework for Effective Learning by Zulmaris Diaz, J. Joy Esquierdo, Olga Ramirez, and Isela Almaguer

Abstract: A framework is proposed for how bilingual learners develop knowledge, language, and mathematics literacy. The framework centers on principles of learning, effective pedagogy, and second language acquisition theories, and these elements are incorporated in a mathematics lesson depicted in this article.

p. 20 Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners: Using Robert Moses‘ Five-Step Approach by Ruth Ahn, Ji Yeong I, and Robin T. Wilson

Abstract: An eight-week summer intervention program in a low-performing middle school in Southern California applied Robert Moses‘ Five-Step Approach outlined in Moses & Cobb (2001). The Teachers Radically Enhancing Education (T.R.E.E.) Project brought hands-on, experiential mathematics teaching to 20 Latino English Language Learners who failed one or more courses in the previous academic year. At the end of the eight-week program, the 20 students showed improvement in mathematical performance and behavior. An original activity plan created by the participating pre-service teachers based on the Five-Step Approach is included.