Taking a Stand for Humanity .... continued

TODOS in its “Taking a Stand for Humanity” statement after the presidential election presented our belief that we must work to create a more just, humanizing, and equitable mathematics education experience for all. Education happens within a context. One such context is the political climate in which children exist. Regardless of political views, we cannot stand by and watch while the civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States are swept aside by executive orders.  To reiterate,  “We must find strength and resolve to reach out to people hurting, scared, and uncertain of their futures. We must find ways to support educators to hold space for listening, emotions, and deeper understanding. We have much work to do.”

We at TODOS believe in the following:

  • Human Rights.  We support the rights of immigrants and others who are being attacked.
  • Mutual Respect. We support the rights for all and denounce rudeness, divisiveness, and spite that are becoming the norm.
  • Science. We believe in the laws of science that are being attacked by powerful people.
  • Social Justice. We challenge “the roles power, privilege, and oppression play” in our society. (From the TODOS and NCSM joint position statement on Social Justice in Mathematics.

As Robert Frost said in his poem, Mending Wall: “Something there is that doesn't love a wall, that wants it down."

We at TODOS pledge to continue our work to support all children and to tear down the walls that prevent them from reaching their full potential. We will continue to speak out when prejudice outweighs justice.

Diane Kinch 

President, TODOS: Mathematics for ALL 

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