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What is all this about TODOS ?

What you've always wanted to know about TODOS but were afraid to ask.

TODOS became an ‘official’ organization in 2002.  We are a private non profit corporation registered in Arizona and recognized by the IRS as a recognized as a 501c(3) charitable organization. The work of NCTM’s Equity and Diversity Committee led to our birth.  Our mission and goals focus on helping ALL students achieve excellence in rigorous and coherent mathematics, especially students who have been disenfranchised. Our membership, and our Board are comprised of those working in education in grades k-16+. We feel that we have accomplished a lot in our young history.All of our efforts are consistent with our constitution and bylaws.

The Benefits of Membership

Membership in TODOS is open to ALL individuals concerned with excellence and equity in math education.  Members have access to the members’ area. There you will find ALL of our publications, some TODOS LIVE! recordings, presentations from the TODOS 2014 Beyond Awareness Conference , Lessons from the TODOS - TI project and more.

At just $25 per year, our dues are reasonable, and our benefits great.

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TODOS has produced a variety of publications in our 12 years. Noticias, TEEM and Monographs are the three main publications.  Among other items is our Bibliography of Equity and Divresity in Mathematics Education.

Our peer-reviewed journal, Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics (TEEM), is published annually.  Members have online access to the current issue, while previous issues are available to the public.

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