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Taking a Stand for Humanity

TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is an organization that seeks to create a more just, humanizing and equitable mathematics education experience for all. Regardless of your political views, we cannot let our differences overshadow our humanity toward each other. We recognize that the current political climate may affect how we move forward as a people that value democracy and justice for all. We must find strength and resolve to reach out to people hurting, scared and uncertain of their futures. We must find ways to support educators to hold space for listening, emotions, and deeper understanding. We have much work to do.
We reiterate here our TODOS mission and goals. In the present political climate, we interpret these as including the following:
  • Respecting and incorporating into our mathematics programs, the role language and culture play in teaching and learning mathematics.
  • Supporting teachers who need help navigating the political and emotional situations occurring daily in their classrooms.
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge that supports our mission of advocacy for all students.
  • Informing the public and influencing educational policies that protect our students and enhance the educational experiences of all of our students.Informing families about the opportunities available to their children and working continuously and ardently to enable these children to become mathematically proficient.

 As mathematics educators, we will continue to stand with our students and their families, advocate for them and affirm their futures.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas on this subject.

Diane Kinch 

President, TODOS: Mathematics for ALL 

The Benefits of Membership

Membership in TODOS is open to ALL individuals concerned with excellence and equity in math education.  Members have access to the members’ area. There you will find ALL of our publications, TODOS LIVE! recordings, presentations from the TODOS 2014 Beyond Awareness Conference, Lessons from the TODOS - TI project and more.

Dues are $25 per year and include all of these wonderful resources.

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TODOS has a variety of publications, such as, Noticias, TEEM and Monographs.   Among other items are the Bibliography of Equity and Diversity in Mathematics Education and presentations at TESOL.

TODOS' peer-reviewed journal, Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics (TEEM), is published annually.  Members have online access to the current issue, while previous issues are available to the public.

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