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TODOS is most appreciative of ALL the support received. When TODOS became an organization, much of its support came from the publishing world and companies involved in mathematics education. TODOS has also received funding from private foundations and companies not directly associated with Mathematics Education. Most important, TODOS has received many donations from individuals, both members and non-members, who are passionate about and committed to the mission and goals of TODOS.

If you have any questions regarding supporting TODOS, or have personal contacts that you believe would be interested in providing funding and support to TODOS, please contact the executive team.

Support TODOS through Contributions or Sponsorship

Contributions can be designated to support the following:

  • Susie W. Håkansson Teacher Fund: The Susie W. Håkansson fund is to provide scholarships to classroom teachers to attend the TODOS 2021 Virtual Conference and future TODOS Conferences.
  • Operations Budget: This includes items needed for the operation of TODOS. This includes items such as our website, having booths at NCTM Conferences, etc.
  • Advocacy: Advocating for under-served and Latina/o students by informing the public and influencing educational policies in ways that enable each and every student to be mathematically proficient.
  • Professional Development for Social Justice: Supporting teachers to take a social justice stance in their classroom that includes fair and equitable teaching practices, high expectations for all students, access to rich, rigorous, and relevant mathematics, and strong family/community relationships.  
  • Cathy Kinzer Memorial Professional Development Award: Supporting a K-12 classroom teacher or K-12 content coach to attend the biennial TODOS Conference.
  • Student Awards: Recognizing local area students at selected conferences who have demonstrated excellence in mathematics achievement by sustained success, significant progress, leadership in or out of the classroom, a student success story, and/or going above and beyond.
  • Carol A. Edwards Speaker Fund: TODOS provides some support to members who are presenting in a "TODOS Strand" at a conference, and Board members speaking at a conference whose presentation reflects the Mission and Goals of TODOS.
  • Sponsorship: Financial Support for variety of TODOS projects and activities including TODOS conferences in return for opportunities of recognition and advertisement
  • Other: You can designate the funds to support a specific TODOS activity.

    Support TODOS through Contributions or Sponsorship
TODOS is  a 501 C(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.