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TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is a professional mathematics equity organization. An affiliate of NCTM, TODOS was “founded” in 2003 by educators committed to excellence and equity in mathematics education. We currently have over 800 members -from PreK teachers to past Presidents of NCTM, NCSM, BBA and AMTE.  We will be having our third national conference this June

Dues are $25.00 per year -three years for $70.00.   Pre-service teachers can join TODOS at the reduced rate of $15.00 per year.

Schools and districts can join TODOS at a reduced rate:  Institutions  can have 5 memberships with dues of $75.00 per year. One of these 5 people will be the lead who willbe responsible for registering members and taking care of invoices etc. You can registr more thn 5 at the same rate.
Questions? Contact Susie Håkannsson
Benefits of being a TODOS member:
Network with an active mathematics equity organization, Receive TODOS publications such as NOTICIAS de TODOS, Participate in TODOS member discussion boards. Apply to speak at local, state, regional and National Conferences as part of a TODOS strand, Participate in TODOS members listserv, Attend TODOS Live! sessions, compete for professional development awards, nominate students and colleagues for awards and Aaccess members-only sections of the TODOS website.