Some might wonder why organizations such as TODOS make statements about Black Lives Matter, voter suppression laws, and Asian hate. Some might argue that mathematics organizations should stay out of politics and not take stances. If we care about the social-emotional well-being and mental health of our children and their families or caretakers, then we must not remain silent. Children cannot learn, and families and caregivers cannot function when life events are harmful and traumatizing. To not take a stance gives validation and permission for further marginalization.

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The, VOTE!!: DESPITE VOTING STRUCTURES AND RESTRICTIONS DURING COVID-19, blog describes factors that disenfranchise the right to vote of different groups in the U.S. The shared information aims to promote critical conversations on the structures of voting. The information includes a brief review of voting laws across states; then, these constraints are matched with issues that stem from the COVID-19 pandemic and how these have exacerbated voter suppression. Finally, examples of several classroom lessons to discuss issues centered around voting are presented. Read the blog, let us know what you think, and register and VOTE!  

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TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is a professional organization that advocates for equity and excellence in mathematics education for ALL students - in particular, Latina/o students. Founded in 2003 and with over 800 members from across the country, TODOS Members know that Equity and Excellence in Mathematics Matter! We promote Social Justice in Mathematics education and provide high-quality resources to help reach our Mission and Goals.

A brief history of TODOS