The nominations for 2 Directors will open on September 1, 2021. Consider nominating yourself or another TODOS member to serve a three-year term as Director. The Nomination Form includes information on the qualifications and the responsibilities of Directors. Please use the form to provide the Nominations and Elections Committee with the information necessary to describe your nominee’s qualities in leading with and advocating for excellence and equity in mathematics. Provide as much information as possible to include evidence of the nominees’ commitment, leadership, activism, and perspectives vital to the TODOS community. Self-nominations are appropriate and encouraged. Any nominee must be a TODOS member in good standing for at least one year prior to September 1, 2021. Submit the form to the Chairperson by October 15, 2021. Thank you for your commitment to the mission and goals of TODOS. 


With all the discourse about learning loss, we were challenged with adding something unique. This is our attempt to shift the narrative to what actually matters.


TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is a professional organization that advocates for equity and excellence in mathematics education for ALL students - in particular, Latina/o students. Founded in 2003 and with over 800 members from across the country, TODOS Members know that Equity and Excellence in Mathematics Matter! We promote Social Justice in Mathematics education and provide high-quality resources to help reach our Mission and Goals.

A brief history of TODOS