Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee:

  1. Develops a plan and structures to support educators to advocate for the mission of TODOS to:
    1. Create the mechanisms that will encourage and offer opportunities for mathematics educators to be effective advocates;
    2. Identify resources that support mathematics educators in enhancing their advocacy and communication skills;
    3. Create and disseminate opportunities for mathematics educators to participate in learning about advocacy work;
    4. Encourage and support mathematics educators' engagement in advocacy work;
    5. Create talking points about TODOS and about advocacy issues.
  2. Develops a communication plan to inform the public and influence educational policies related to the mission of TODOS.
  3. Increases TODOS' Collaboration with other organizations to take a stance on issues of equity and social justice in mathematics education.
  4. Uses the TODOS website to inform families about educational policies (new and proposed), practices, and opportunities that affect their children's mathematical proficiency.
  5. Provides talking points or resources for parents to advocate for their children.
  6. Works with other TODOS committees to support advocacy goals.

Current Members


Makeda Brome 2022-2024
Teddy Chao 2022-2024
Benjamin Dickman 2022-2024
Gladys Krause  2020-2023
Aly Martinez 2022-2024
Ralph Pantozzi 2022-2024
Belin Tsinnajinnie 2022-2024
B Waid 2022-2024