Professional Development

At the 2018 Board Meeting, the Board established the Professional Development Committee. 

TODOS participates in / and provides / various types of Professional Development to help reach our goals

1  Math & Social Justice  Workshops

  • Planning Sessions
    • New Mexico
    • Los Angeles
  • NCSM Presession 2018
  • NCTM Presession 2018
  • TODOS Presession 2018
  • NCTM Presession 2019

2  TODOS Live!     TODOSonLine!

TODOS Live! began with funds from a MET grant in 2009(?)  Through the years TODOS Live! has had many excellent sessions and presenters.  Due to limitations to online storage we have lost access to some of our sessions. Currently Sessions are being stored on a TODOS Live! vimeo Channel.  This is a work in progress!


3  Conference Strands / TODOS Strands / Presentations


  • CMC South 2018
  • NCTM Regional
    • Hartford
    • Kansas City
    • Seattle
  • CAMT 2019 San Antonio


3A Are you speaking at Math Conferences? 

  • If you are a speaker at a math conference, TODOS would love a mention. 
  • TODOS is also asked to provide strands and sessions at certain conferences.
    • Details will be added as appropriate.



1  TODOS Conferences: