Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee:

  1. Develops a plan and structures to support professional learning and leadership experiences for mathematics educators for the mission of TODOS to:
    1. Create mechanisms and experiences for professional learning to be effective mathematics educators and leaders
    2. Create and disseminate opportunities for mathematics educators to participate in professional development grounded in equity and social justice
    3. Encourage and support mathematics educators to design and implement creative equity-based professional development experiences for the TODOS organization and/or for their own professional settings.
  2. Develops a professional development plan to inform the public and influence professional organizations related to the mission of TODOS.
  3. Increases TODOS’ collaboration with other professional organizations to design and implement equity and social justice professional development in mathematics education.
  4. Uses the TODOS website to inform members and the public about professional development opportunities.
  5. Works with other TODOS committees to support professional development goals.

Current Members

Maria Zavala (Chair) — Podcasts 2021-2022
Nora Ramirez 2016-2022
Gloria Brown Brooks 2019-2022
Luz Maldonado Rodríguez 2019-2023
Trevor Warburton 2020-2023
Vanson Nguyen 2020-2023
Rosa Chávez 2020-2023


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