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Institutions or individuals who are current members of TODOS may request to place a job announcement on the TODOS website. The request must be related to the mission and goals of TODOS. The current member's name must be included with the request. Upon approval, announcements will remain for three months unless an announcement deadline is given. The announcements do not constitute an endorsement by TODOS.

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Instructor of Mathematics, NCSSM Morganton Campus

Expiration Date for Announcement: 05/31/2024

NCSSM is ranked as the #2 Best Public High School in the U.S.

Description of Duties:

The position is a full-time, ten-month appointment in the Department of Mathematics at the NCSSM-Morganton campus, with full benefits through the state of North Carolina. This position reports to the Morganton Chair of Mathematics and is responsible for providing instruction for assigned courses.

General Duties:

  • Plan and develop an instructional program that helps students assimilate specific course content and skills;
  • Develop and communicate to students clear course objectives and goals;
  • Participate in discipline and multi-section course meetings;
  • Create a syllabus and other required administrative documents;
  • Take attendance and enforce the attendance policy;
  • Grade and provide feedback to students in a timely manner, and submit grade reports on time with sufficient comments when required;
  • Communicate with parents and support team when necessary;
  • Hold at least three office hours per week and hold tutorial sessions as outlined by the department;
  • Structure and manage an environment conducive to learning;
  • Model for students responsibility to self and others;
  • Follow the school’s mission, policies, and procedures;
  • Engage in both January terms by proposing and teaching approved January Term courses;
  • Participate in foundational duties for all faculty including required meetings, academic advising, event participation (at least two Saturdays per year), professional development and outreach, written appraisals/evaluations, and involvement in the NCSSM community;
  • Serve on departmental, faculty, and school-wide standing committees;
  • Write recommendations for up to 15 students each year, as requested;
  • Participate in professional development and personal intellectual growth activities;
  • Participate in one or more of the following professional duties:
  • Provide information, service, and expertise to other schools and organizations;
  • Assist students on special projects, independent and individual study, and seminar-based studies;
  • Participate in the admissions process by recruiting, selecting, and advising prospective students;
  • Participate in NCSSM alumni activities;
  • Provide assistance for school-sponsored programs and extracurricular activities.
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Supervisor of Teacher Education

University of California, Riverside

Expiration Date for Announcement: 06/30/2024

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Associate Professor STEM Education and Equity

University of California, Riverside

Expiration Date for Announcement: 06/30/2024

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TERC Operations Support (IT & Facilities Support 2)

WFH Flexible • Cambridge, MA

Expiration Date for Announcement: 07/10/2024

The Operations Support role provides general support for two departments, Facilities and IT.  TERC is an all-Mac environment; some familiarity with Apple hardware and software is important to the role. The successful candidate will have regular direct interaction with staff via various remote methods and in-person. They will thrive in a team environment, but also be able to tackle small projects on their own.  

This is a full-time non-exempt support position. TERC has a hybrid work environment; the successful candidate will work approximately 50% of the time at our offices in Cambridge, MA.  Initial interviews will be conducted remotely via Zoom.  

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