2024 TODOS Board Election Candidate Statements

  • Election voting is online only and held from February 1 through March 1, 2024.

  • Election results will be announced on March 15, 2024.

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Candidate for Vice President

I taught high school mathematics in a rural Colorado high school. There I primarily taught mathematics classes to recent immigrant students from Mexico and Central America. These students were in both my “sheltered” and “regular” mathematics classes. We developed close relationships and while I taught them mathematics they also taught me a great deal about life, love, generosity, injustice, and the immigration system. I then earned a PhD at the University of Utah where I studied the inequities of our education system and how Whiteness is embedded in preservice mathematics teacher preparation.

Since then I have focused on preparing preservice teachers to effectively work with all students, especially students of color, and to take an active stance for social justice and anti-racism in education.

I view this as an opportunity for continued service to the TODOS community. In 2020 I joined the TODOS board as secretary, then in 2022 I was elected as a director. During that time I have also served on the PD committee and helped plan and carry out many of the TODOS Live! Webinars. I hope to continue serving within TODOS for a long time. One of the things that appeals to me about the VP position is the opportunity to work with and support all of the TODOS committees. I am interested in nearly everything and I love to work with people in getting the resources and support that they need to be successful and thrive.

Candidates for Director

Over the past decade I have experienced the landscape of mathematics teaching and learning through my experiences as a graduate student in mathematical spaces, a high school and middle school mathematics teacher, a mathematics teacher educator, and mathematics education researcher. These experiences, as well as my positionality as a transnational, first-generation, emergent bilingual Latina, have shaped my commitment to ensuring that mathematics is accessible to all students, and in particular culturally and linguistically diverse students.

I began my trajectory as an educator serving Latine students in the borderlands of South Texas. I saw first-hand the critical role teachers play in shaping how students see themselves as doers and learners of mathematics. My students inspired my desire to better understand the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, language, and students' mathematical experiences. As a teacher, I also became aware of how mathematics teaching is shaped by multiple factors, including educational policies. Now as a teacher educator and researcher, I work towards advancing teachers’ ability to make sense of educational policies in order to provide equitable, rigorous and relevant mathematical experiences for their students. In particular, I aim to support both in-service teachers and teacher candidates to think about how high-stakes assessments, accountability policies, and bilingual education polices intersect to shape the teaching of mathematics for emergent bilingual students in dual-language programs that center both productive mathematics and language practices.

Supporting TODOS Live! for the past three years has been a wonderful experience that has strongly shaped my continued development as an advocate for equitable mathematics teaching. If elected as a TODOS Director, I would continue to leverage my role to expand the learning opportunities that TODOS currently provides to educators, parents, and students.

My journey into leadership roles within mathematics began when, as a young Chicana, I dared to pursue mathematics in college. I confounded and challenged the gatekeepers of higher-level mathematics with my brown skin, curly hair, and blossoming belly (I was expecting my second child) and was turned away. This experience did not lead to outrage and defiance but a sad acceptance of a hidden belief I carried in my heart that I was not enough.

During my tenure as a teacher in a community school serving predominantly multilingual Latina/o students, I slowly reconnected to my love of mathematics. I recognized how harmful persistent beliefs about who is mathematically talented can lead to diminished opportunities for myself and my students. I actively worked to counter the toxic political rhetoric by engaging with families and centering the brilliance of children. Because of this, a dear person from TODOS invited me to share my work and that of my students with other teachers, and thus began my leadership opportunities.

I have assumed many roles in TODOS over the years. I have worked behind the scenes as a webmaster and presenter for webinars and as the publicity chairperson for TODOS' first several national conferences. My self-doubt revisited me with each opportunity TODOS offered me. However, the individuals within TODOS lifted me up, and their belief in my strengths helped me heal and see myself as mathematically brilliant. As an assistant professor of mathematics education at Northern Arizona University, I am a testament to the impact the TODOS organization has on developing and supporting educational leaders who continue to carry out the mission of TODOS.

As a leader, I look to see who I can lift up to continue our mission beyond myself. I will bring my lived experience and this vision into my role as Director with TODOS by shining the light on the brilliance of teachers and children, extending the opportunity for participation to new and current teachers and researchers, and actively working to counter harmful narratives through relevant and impactful research.


The Nominations and Elections Committee appreciates your participation in nominating energetic individuals who are qualified to assume leadership roles on the TODOS Board of Directors. The Call for Nominations opens each year beginning September 1 and closes each year on October 15. For information about future nominations and elections, contact TODOS Nominations and Elections Chair Ma Bernadette Andres-Salgarino at [email protected]. 

Ma Bernadette Salgarino, Chair (2022-2024)
TODOS Nominations & Elections Committee
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