Partner Conferences Committee

Dear TODOS colleagues,

TODOS has been invited to contribute to the 2024 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, September 25-28, 2024, by accepting up to four 60-minute sessions and two 75-minute gallery workshops.

A proposal for the TODOS Strand should be consistent with the mission of TODOS and address at least one of the TODOS goals ( for mission and goals).

If you would like to be considered for the TODOS Strand, then:

  1. Please input your proposal on the NCTM website,;  
  2. Copy and paste your proposal into a Word document at the confirmation stage;
  3. Save the confirmation email that you receive from NCTM; you will need it to access your proposal after submission;
  4. Transmit the copy of your proposal to Bernard E. Frost, TODOS Partner Conferences Committee Chair, as an attachment at [email protected] by Friday, September 29, 2023. 

The TODOS Partner Conferences Committee will review the proposals for the TODOS Strand and will notify you regarding your status for the strand in early November 2023.

The TODOS Partner Conferences Committee may suggest edits to your proposal to help clarify or strengthen your title and description. Once your proposal has been selected for the TODOS strand, you may not change the type of session because of the types of slots allocated to us. The NCTM Program Committee will schedule the chosen presentations.

If you miss the TODOS strand deadline of September 29, you may still submit a proposal directly to NCTM for general consideration by the NCTM Program Committee until October 2, 2023. Please note that selected speakers (lead and co-presenters) will need to pay respective registration fees and arrange for their own travel, subsistence, and housing expenses. We hope to receive many excellent proposals for the TODOS strand so that we can offer very strong equity sessions to attendees. Please send your proposal by September 29, 2023.

Bernard Frost, Chair
Partner Conferences Committee
TODOS: Mathematics for ALL

Current Members

Bernard Frost (Chair) 2020-2022
Amber Grace Candela 2018-2022
Carolina Napp-Avelli 2018-2022
Crystal Kalinec-Craig 2018-2022
Gloria Brown Brooks 2018-2022
Armando Martinez Cruz 2018-2022
Monica Lopez    2018-2022


The Partner Conferences Committee is charged to:
  • Manage and implement a system to make equitable selections for program presentations at national, regional, and large conferences with an identified TODOS strand.
  • Work with sponsors of meetings and receptions to make appropriate arrangements, assisted by the Executive Secretary.
  • Collaborate with the President to advocate for TODOS speakers/strands at relevant conferences.
  • Manage and monitor a system to distribute budgeted speaker funds.
  • Serve as a Board liaison with the Planning Committee of any conference sponsored or co-sponsored by TODOS.