TODOS: Mathematics for ALL


Volume 8, Issue 7 July 2015


Educators of Native American Students (EONAS)

EONAS is a Special Interest Group of TODOS whose mission is to advocate for equity and high quality mathematics education for all students, in particular, Native American students. TODOS members can join the EONAS SIG for $5.00 per year. Six goals define the purpose of EONAS. Go to the EONAS document to read about the goals and to find out about EONAS activities at the NCTM Regional Conference in Minneapolis November 11-13, 2015. Contact the EONAS Chair for information about EONAS.

Call for Proposals: 2016 TODOS Conference

The Program Committee for the TODOS 2016 Conference seeks proposals from TODOS members to address the theme: Ensuring Equity and Excellence in Mathematics for ALL. Six topics of interest have been identified to support attendees as they create positive changes in their classrooms and/or communities. Proposal submissions are due September 30, 2015. Go to the 2016 TODOS Conference Page to access the Call for Proposals, which includes the listing of the six topics of interest, and to submit a proposal online.

Second TODOS Conference: Information

The TODOS 2016 Conference will be held June 23-25, 2016, at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in the Phoenix Metro Area, AZ. The registration fee is $350, and online registration will be available around November 2015. The conference is open to all TODOS members. (Join TODOS online!) Future Enews articles about the conference will include information on keynote and major speakers, financial support for classroom teachers or teachers-on-assignment, and topics of interest. Contact the co-chairs for additional information.

Complimentary Resources

The Math Learning Center provides several free resources, one of which is “Math Vocabulary Cards for iPad, Web, and More” in Spanish and English. This resource can be used for students, teachers, parents, and others interested in improving their mathematical language in either English or Spanish. It is listed as K-5, but the academic language can be used with students at all levels.

Sign up for Math Education SmartBrief

The Math Education SmartBrief comes out four times a week with the latest information on mathematics education. Go to SmartBrief and select Education, then Math Education SmartBrief. The service is complimentary. You can view a sample SmartBrief before signing up. Other SmartBrief documents are also available.

NCTM MET Grants and Awards

The winter deadline for proposals for NCTM Mathematics Education Trust grants and scholarships as well as nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award is November 6, 2015. Funding ranges from $1,200 to $24,000 to help math teachers, prospective teachers, and other math educators improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The Real Courageous Conversations

Some schools have that teacher (or in some cases, that group of teachers) who believes that their students — for whatever reason — just can’t do it. They can’t meet high expectations. They can’t make remarkable gains. And others should just accept that. But what happens if they don’t accept that? If they speak up and challenge that teacher? A lot, in fact. Read Brooke Haycock’s account.

New Member Discount to Join NCTM

Those joining the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) for the first time can receive a $20 discount for a regular membership or a $10 discount on an e-subscription. New student memberships can receive a $5 discount. Be sure and include TODOS as your local affiliate when you join. Use the code ADT616 for the discount. NCTM's website is jam-packed with high-quality resources. The monthly journals for all grade bands are current and there is always something to put a spark into your teaching.

Sign Up for EdWeek

Consider signing up for Education Week Teacher. Two articles of interest are Racial Injustice Is Rooted in a Lie by Marilyn Rhames, June 30, 2015, and Becoming a Better Public Speaker: Tips From the Greats by Megan Allen, July 1, 2015. The first article reminds us of the role of educators in eliminating/addressing/eradicating the deficit model for students of color while the second article gives tips that many of us might find useful as we fervently promote equity and access for all students.

MidSchoolMath Conference: 2016 Call for Presenters

The Third Annual MidSchoolMath National Conference will be held February 19-20, 2016, in Santa Fe, NM. All TODOS members are invited to submit proposals! It would be great if a group of TODOS members would get involved to share our mission: advocate for equity and high quality mathematics for all students. We want to encourage you to share activities and lessons, particularly for teachers at the middle school level. Conference registration opens Fall 2015.

Engineering Resources for STEM

TryEngineering.org offers parents and teachers resources for students about engineering. Included are parent and student activities, and teacher lesson plans for grades K-8. All information is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. There is no charge for this resource. This information should provide a valuable resource to TODOS members to include Engineering in mathematics classes and in STEM programs.

Sign Up to Volunteer and Support TODOS!

You can sign up to volunteer and support TODOS in any of the following ways: facilitate TODOS Live! sessions (webinar series), write articles for TODOS publications, encourage friends and colleagues to join TODOS, staff a TODOS booth at conferences, speak at conferences as part of a TODOS Strand, or make an additional contribution to TODOS. You may also have expertise you wish to share with TODOS. Contact TODOS and become more active!


If you are not currently a member of TODOS  we invite you to join.  Your support is important and greatly appreciated. Also, if you are joining or renewing your membership in NCTM, we would appreciate it if you would choose TODOS as the organization that receives the rebate that NCTM generously offers.

Do You Have News to Share or Suggestions to Make?

If you have any information on personal accomplishments, events, or news articles that are aligned with the Mission and Goals of TODOS to share with the TODOS Community, or if you have suggestions to the Enews editor regarding the content of the Enews, send them to the editor.

2015-2016 TODOS Board

Executive Team: Susie W. Håkansson, Diane Kinch, Marta Civil, and Nora Ramirez
Members: Julia Aguirre, Ellen Barger, Susan Beal, Anita Bright, Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis, Susana Davidenko, Linda Fulmore, Cynthia Hillman-Forbush, Annette Kitagawa, Bob McDonald, Rosa Starke, and Angela Thompson