April 2020 Enews
TODOS: Mathematics for ALL


Volume 13, Issue 4 April 2020

April TODOS Live! Sessions Recorded

Three TODOS Live! webinars occurred in April. (1) Educator-Led Professional Development to Support Equity and Access: The Instructional Leadership Corps, presented by Melissa Gilbert, Linda Tolladay and Dion Burns; (2) Tests, Assessments, and Learning Math: Equitable Alternatives in Pandemic Times, presented by Dr. Vanson Nguyen and Dr. Amanda Ruiz; and (3) Disruptive Numbers: The Chaos Numbers Bring to Uncover Hidden Stories, presented by Ma Bernadette Andres-Salgarino. View the recordings of each session.

Congratulations to TODOS Conference Awardees

TODOS offered two awards to attend the TODOS 2020 Conference. Since this conference was postponed, these awardees can use the funds to attend the TODOS 2021. (1) Cathy Kinzer Memorial Professional Development Awardees are: Celine Liu (CA), Andrea Monroy (VA). (2) Susan W. Håkansson Teacher Awardees are: Debbie Black (AZ), Gabriela Cardenas (CA), Kathryn Early (AL), Isidro Fajardo (CA), Hector Gonzalez Rodas (CA), Karen Hyers (MN), Amie King (DE), Justin Powell (AZ), Joanne Baltazar Vakil (OH).

TODOS Blog: Naming an Identity

What to do you think about the controversy regarding the terms of Latinx, Latina/o, Hispanic? How are they different? Why so many forms for the same population? In the TODOS Blog Latinidad in the US, Latinx, Latina/o, or Hispanic?: Geographies of Oppression, Race, Gender, and Language, we gathered arguments on this controversy regarding linguistic and political perspectives on the naming of this population in the U.S. Visit the blog and please, let us know what you think of this topic! Gracias.

TODOS Live! on May 7th

Supporting Preservice Teachers: Responsiveness to Students During COVID-19 and Transition to Online Courses in Teacher Education. In this QTE Trevor Warburton discusses what his students (preservice teachers) are experiencing during COVID-19, how that impacts their learning from home, and his attempts at equitable teaching during this time. This webinar will be held on Thursday, May 7th at 4:00 PM (Pacific Time). Register now!

TODOS Live! on May 13th

Using Math Language Routines to Launch Performance Tasks, Explore the Relationship Between Language and Math to Shift Mindset and Identity. Participants will engage in routines that develop both language and mathematics in an authentic and purposeful way, while at the same time moving away from answer getting or re-stating steps. This second May webinar will be held on Wednesday, May 13th at 4:00 PM (Pacific Time). Register soon!

TODOS Live! on May 20th

Four-Dimensional Education: Equity and Access to Education and Jobs. Those who teach Juveniles, the Incarcerated, and Adults often build their curriculum around the concept of Four-Dimensional Education (Fadel, Bialek, & Trilling, 2015) to teach students the creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills. This webinar will be held on Wednesday, May 20th at 4:00 PM (Pacific Time). Register today!

Susan W. Håkansson Teacher Award

The TODOS Teacher Award has been renamed the Susan W. Håkansson Teacher Award. Susie has been active in TODOS since 2003. She dedicates her work to the TODOS mission of equity and access, high quality mathematics for all, and teacher and leadership support. She continues her efforts through lesson study with an emphasis on mathematics excellence and equity. Susie is a TODOS Past President and continues to serve the organization as the Membership Chair. Congratulations, Susie!

NCTM Offers Free Memberships

NCTM understands that these are difficult times during which teachers are looking for support and resources they can trust. NCTM is offering a free trial membership to support educators. The membership includes special access to NCTM’s publications and resources, which include Illuminations Lessons, the
popular Problem of the Week, and access to the MyNCTM online community. If you are not a member, sign up today for your free trial and access the publications and resources that come with an Essential Membership.

NCTM Launches 100 Days of Professional Learning

On April 1st, NCTM launched its 100 Days of Professional Learning. NCTM will host free webinars addressing teachers' most pressing needs and featuring speakers who were scheduled to appear at the NCTM Centennial Annual Meeting. Each webinar will be held at 7:00 p.m. EDT, leading up to the opening of the NCTM 2020 Annual Meeting in St. Louis (October 21-24). The sessions will feature a variety of speakers and topics geared to all grade levels and interests. View the schedule and sign up now!

Supporting Instruction for English Learners

The transition to remote learning in light of COVID-19 is causing sudden strain on districts and teachers who are looking for answers and might not know where to start. In this new learning environment, English Learners cannot be left behind! The EL Success Forum provides resources on five things districts can do and five things educators can do to support Instruction for English Learners. Download and share the resources with others.

No Computer, No Wi-Fi, and No Cell Coverage

EdTrust launched a new series of their ExtraOrdinary Districts podcast. In the first episode, No Computer, No Wi-Fi, & No Cell Coverage While America Is Supposed to be Learning, writer-in-residence Karin Chenoweth talks with John Daniel, superintendent of a district in rural OK. He talks about the challenges of online learning when many of his students and teachers don’t have access to computers, wi-fi, or even reliable cell phone service.

Examining the Trajectories of Black Math Teachers

The AMTE Teaching Math Teaching (TMT) Podcasts are a series of podcasts that began in February 2020. Examining the Trajectories of Black Mathematics Teachers (Episode 7) seeks to better understand the promise and challenges of encouraging more black educators to choose mathematics teaching as a career. This episode features Toya Frank from George Mason University. Other episodes are available.

Launch Years Initiative: Reimagining Math Education

Reimagine mathematics and update mathematics policies and practices so students can make a seamless transition in their “launch years”—from grade 11 through the first year of postsecondary education. The Launch Years initiative aims to mobilize a coordinated movement to develop new mathematics pathways that propel students smoothly from high school through postsecondary education and into the work world. Read the Factsheet and Executive Summary.

NASGEm Celebrates First Decade with Release of Book

The North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics (NASGEm) celebrates the first decade of its journal with the release of this book from White Plum Publishing: Culture That Counts: A Decade of Depth with the Journal of Mathematics and Culture. Edited by Tod L. Shockey, this compilation of articles examines the intersections between mathematics and culture in western and non-western societies, and among math professionals and non-professionals. Download the preview.

NSF Convergence Accelerator

The NSF Convergence Accelerator is a new capability within NSF to accelerate use-inspired, convergence research in areas of national importance, and to initiate convergence team-building capacity around exploratory, potentially high-risk proposals addressing selected topics. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer for future proposals or staying informed and receiving direct updates about the NSF Convergence Accelerator, please fill out the survey.

Happy #MathStatMonth!

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness month. This year, due to the coronavirus forcing schools to close and no gatherings, TODOS will celebrate mathematics and statistics on social media. Everyday this month on twitter--#MathStatMonth--TODOS will share resources to spark mathematical thinking, resources to support learning, and fun mathematics. Follow us @TODOSmath.

Journal of Statistics Education: Larry Lesser

Larry Lesser was selected for a Journal of Statistics Education interview, which included his ELL research and work with TEEM. Also included are Larry’s efforts in preparing future teachers, his songs and fun as teaching strategies, his statistics education research, and his thoughts on the relationships between statistics, mathematics, data science, and education. Good reading for #MathStatMonth.

2019-2020 TODOS Board

Executive Team: Diana Ceja, Linda Fulmore, Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis, and Nora Ramirez
Members: Ma Bernadette Andres-Salgarino, Jennifer Bay-Williams, Kyndall Brown, Gloria Brown Brooks, Marta Civil, Zandra de Araujo, Maggie Hackett, Susie W. Håkansson, Annette Kitagawa, Silvia Llamas-Flores, Carlos LópezLeiva, Erin Sylves, Jennifer Yacoubian, and María del Rosario Zavala