January 2021 Enews
TODOS: Mathematics for ALL


Volume 14, Issue 1 January 2021

Message From the President

The events of January 6th are unsettling, and for some of us, the burden gets heavier and heavier as we watched in disbelief the racism and white privilege perpetuated before our very eyes. Surprised, yes, but not surprised, because it’s what we’ve known, experienced, and observed our whole lives. For the first time in a long time, I look over my shoulder more and perhaps not trusting as much. Dr. Julian Weissglass once said that racists acts are learned and often imposed on the very young child. ... Go to the President's full message.

Social Justice Quote for January 2021 Enews


Social justice should be part of every aspect of the curriculum. It’s an infusion, not an isolated add-on.


                      Baruti Kafele

TODOS' Upcoming Events

TODOS has many upcoming events, all with details listed elsewhere in this January 2021 Enews. They include: January 26th, TODOS Live! presented by Fred Uy; February 1st, registration opens for TODOS 2021 Conference and TODOS Leadership Conference; February 1st-28th, elections for TODOS Board positions in progress; now through April, National Math Festival events; February 10th, TODOS CASIO Webinar presented by Bernard Frost; and February 24th, TODOS CASIO Webinar presented by Zandra de Araujo.


The next TODOS Live! will be held on Tuesday, January 26th at 4:00 PM (Pacific). The session titled The Systemwide Efforts of California State University in Building a Diversified STEM Teach Workforce, will be presented by Fred Uy and will focus on various projects and programs developed at the California State University for the purpose of attracting more STEM educators to the system. Learn ways you can do the same at your institution. Register today.

TODOS: Mathematics for ALL Board Elections Are Coming!

The TODOS Board Elections 2021 will be held February 1 - 28, 2021. The following slate of candidates are on the ballot: President-Elect, Erin Sylves and Florence Glanfield; Vice President, Jon Oaks and Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis; and one Director, Marian Dingle and Theodore Chao. Thanks to all TODOS members who nominated very qualified individuals. More information is posted on the Board Election website

TODOS-CASIO Partnership Series

The TODOS-CASIO webinar series continues in February focusing on Distance Learning and Access. Titles are Student Engagement in Mathematics for All Students in All Learning Settings, Choice as a Foundation for Engagement and Empowerment, Distance Learning for English Learners – Successes and Challenges, and Can You Hear Me? Engaging English Learners Online. Go to the website for additional information.

TODOS 2021 Virtual Conference

The TODOS 2021 Virtual Conference will be held June 21-23, 2021. The registration fee is $75 with a one-year gift TODOS membership or $125 with a three-year gift TODOS Membership. Registration will open February 1st. Go to the TODOS Conference website for additional information. The keynote speaker will be Julia M. Aguirre, University of Washington, Tacoma.

Save the Date: TODOS 2021 Leadership Conference

TODOS will hold its 2021 Leadership Conference virtually on June 24-25, 2021 following the TODOS 2021 Conference. Learn how to be a change agent, taking action for equity in mathematics education. Additional information about the leadership conference will be forth coming on the Leadership Conference website in addition to the registration link, which will be available February 1st.

TODOS Receives Special Publication Award

TODOS is pleased to announce that The Mo(ve)ment to Prioritize Antiracist Mathematics: Planning for This and Every School Year was selected by NCTM’s Affiliate Relations Committee to receive the 2021 NCTM Special Publication Award for Outstanding Journal. Congratulations to the TODOS members who participated on the writing team!

Staff TODOS Virtual Booth at NCTM’s Virtual Conference

NCTM’s 2021’s Virtual Conference will be held February 1-6, 2021 and TODOS will have a virtual booth at the conference. Booth hours are from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Eastern), February 2nd -5th. You need to be registered for the conference in order to volunteer at the booth. There are many features during virtual conferences where groups of people can sign up to meet, and TODOS will have a presence. Sign up today and support TODOS!

Visit TODOS Booth at MEAD

The MEAD Conference will be held this Saturday, January 23rd. Go to the Virtual Booth created on the TODOS website that includes the list of sessions by TODOS members. If you are a teacher in Arizona and haven’t signed up yet, do so now since it’s complimentary for you. TODOS will participate in the virtual booth that day and staffed with TODOS members. If you are attending, visit the Booth. If you are interested in staffing the booth, please sign up today. You will be contacted regarding the procedures.

AMTE Conference (TODOS Is an Exhibitor)

The 2021 Annual AMTE Virtual Conference will be held Thursday – Saturday, February 11-13, 2021 and Thursday – Saturday, February 18-20, 2021 and will provide inclusive opportunities for a diverse community of mathematics educators to share current research and practice findings. On Friday, February 12th and Friday, February 19th from 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM (Eastern), TODOS will participate in the session on Sponsors and Exhibitors. 

Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM

While the Consortium’s initial mission was focused on sexual harassment, they have been expanding their scope to include the intersectionality of gender and race, among other inequities that should be addressed in STEMM. One of the big challenges discussed within the Consortium is the need to elevate society boards’ awareness of and practices toward inclusivity. Membership in the organization totals 130 as of August 2020.

Facilitating Classroom Conversations After a Crisis

As a result of the recent insurrection, Teaching Tolerance has posted the article, Leading Conversations After Crisis, offering thoughtful and respectful recommendations to educators. Publications related to facilitating and sustaining critical conversations related to crisis, identity, discrimination, and inequality can be found at Teaching Tolerance in addition to an article on sustaining tough conversations where active listening must be the norm.

National Math Festival

The National Math Festival (NMF) is now online and includes many activities and events for students. Sign up for the NMF Weekly for kids and teens (playful weekly math puzzles, kid approved-scroll to bottom) and the NMF Newsletter (includes online events for children and adults of all ages), join their Facebook Group, or look up the math resources displayed by ages, that include puzzles, games, books, videos, and other mathy treats. Bring your students to the NMF!

A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction

Review the resources to support Black, Latinx, and Multilingual students to thrive in grades 6-8 that are included in A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction. The series includes five strides, two of which are Dismantling Racism in Math Instruction and Sustaining Equitable Practice. You can download all five strides and view the recordings.

TODOS Social Emotional Learning Commentary

Many TODOS members have shared the TODOS 2020 position statement and the four accompanying commentaries. Here is a link to a 3+ minute video created by Mary Vongsavanh on the Social Emotional Learning Commentary that includes three questions at the end, where a presenter can stop the video after each question to orchestrate a discussion. Enjoy!

2020-2021 TODOS Board

Executive Team: Linda Fulmore, Diana Ceja, Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis, and Nora Ramirez
Members: Ma Bernadette Andres-Salgarino, Kyndall Brown, Gloria Brown Brooks, Marta Civil, Zandra de Araujo, Bernard Frost, Maggie Hackett, Susie W. Håkansson, Lisa Jilk, Nichole Lindgren, Luz Maldonado Rodríguez, Erin Sylves, Trevor Warburton, and María del Rosario Zavala