March 2022 Enews
TODOS: Mathematics for ALL


Volume 15, Issue 3 March 2022

TODOS Election Results

The TODOS Board welcomes two newly elected Board Members: Teddy Chao and Trevor Warburton. Teddy, an Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, engages in research, teaching, and activism centered on the beauty of non-white communities. Trevor, an Assistant Professor at Utah Valley University, focuses on preparing preservice teachers to effectively work with all students, especially students of color. Congratulations!

Social Justice Quote for the March 2022 Enews


To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try.

Rosa Parks

Requesting Expertise on Vimeo

TODOS received a grant to strengthen its infrastructure and is in the process of organizing the TODOS Live! recordings and other recordings on to provide user friendly access to all TODOS recordings. If you (or a grad student) have some expertise working with Vimeo, we’d love to talk with you. If so, and you are willing to share your expertise, please contact Bob McDonald.

TODOS Live! Rescheduled

The next TODOS Live! will be held on Tuesday, April 19 at 4:00 PM Pacific and titled A Rewarding Path for Math: The Actuarial Profession, with speakers Tim Luedtke, Morgan State University, and Adelaida Campos Valle, Organization of Latino Actuaries. The Actuarial profession is an excellent option for those seeking a long-term career with exceptional income potential, job security, and work/life balance. Encourage all of your high school students to attend. Register now.

NCTM Spring Grants and Scholarships

The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) of NCTM has many grants and scholarships available. MET annually awards more than $150,000 to teachers, schools, and organizations through more than 30 different grants addressing a range of needs such as professional development, coursework, research, and conference attendance. The current round of funding began on February 1 and will close May 1. Consider applying for one of the grants.

Second TODXS= Town Hall, May 5

Save the date! The LGBTQ+ community is holding their second town hall on Thursday, May 5 at 4:30 PM Pacific. They are in the process of forming a TODOS Special Interest Group (SIG) tentatively named TOD∀XS= and would like to invite all those interested to join them on May 5. You have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of this SIG. Look for additional information to be included in the April 2022 Enews.

NCTM Regionals, Call for Proposals in Baltimore

The NCTM Regionals in Baltimore will be held November 30 to December 2 and the speaker proposal portal is open. Go to the Call for Proposals to read about the five strands and the proposal submission instructions. One of the strands is Ignite Your Power: Lifting Up Each and Every Person. Sessions in this strand will identify diversity, inclusion, or equity as their focus. Submit a proposal!

National Math Festival Spring Events

Get ready for live online spring events as part of the 2022 National Math Festival (NMF) @NCSciFest on April 23. This event is free and open to the public, with activities designed for all ages, from very young children to teens and adults. Celebrate the fun, beauty, and power of math through games, puzzles, uplifting and intriguing talks, book readings, and hands-on activities, taking place online. 

National Math Festival Spring Opportunities

The National Math Festival has many Spring opportunities for you to participate. Learn about film screenings, free programs, and grants for U.S. K-12 schools, an exciting podcast episode, the return of a dance performance, class visits to Title I schools, Weekly Puzzle Newsletter, and more. Go to the website to subscribe to the NMF newsletter to keep apprised of all NMF events!

More Parent Input Into Curriculum

The Rockwood School District in Missouri increased the number of parents on its curriculum committee from 10 to 47 and has both morning and evening meeting options once a semester. "Having more parent input gives us more to discuss and consider as we progress through the writing process," says Assistant Superintendent Shelley Willott, noting parental suggestions for classes covering life skills and college and career preparation.

Transformative Tech for Equity-centered Instruction

Register now for the National Technology Leadership Initiative (NTLI) Award webinar, Transformative Technology for Equity-centered Instruction to take place on Thursday, March 24, 5:00-6:00 pm Eastern Time. The session will focus on an equity-centered technology integration framework that promotes equity-based teaching practices using technology. Go to the website for detailed information and to the link register.

State Policies on SEAD 

In 2020, EdTrust released a report on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development Through an Equity Lens. Last month, they released a follow-up to that report with a web tool: a SEAD scan of all 50 states plus D.C. of how states are (or are not) supporting students’ social, emotional, and academic development through goal setting; policies, guidance, and funding; and a public reporting of data. Read how your state policies support SEAD.

Pitt Education’s Ready to Learn Program

The Ready to Learn program (RTL) at the University of Pittsburg is an after-school and summer math mentoring initiative to create an engaging learning experience. The RTL program empowers middle school students to use math for social change and emphasizes the connection between math and real-world problems through the incorporation of social justice math.

Your TODOS Membership

Hi . Your TODOS membership is good through . Your support is important and greatly appreciated. Are you interested in becoming more active in TODOS? Do you have expertise in promoting membership retention? The Member Services committee would like novel ideas to engage its members. Contact the editor for additional details and to volunteer. Encourage your friends and colleagues to join TODOS!

2021-2022 TODOS Board

Executive Team: Linda Fulmore, Florence Glanfield, Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis, and Nora Ramirez
Members: Ma Bernadette Andres-Salgarino, Gloria Brown Brooks, Diana Ceja, Marta Civil, Marian Dingle, Bernard Frost, Carlos Nico Gomez, Maggie Hackett, Susie W. Håkansson, Lisa Jilk, Nichole Lindgren, Luz Maldonado Rodríguez, Erin Sylves, Trevor Warburton, and María del Rosario Zavala