Mathematics and Children's Books

Spending Time READING with the Children

  • Reading with your child is about sharing a special time together talking, listening, and opening doors for new knowledge.
  • Reading in your native language, if it is not English, would give you an opportunity to continue sharing the home culture with your child.
  • Reading in English, whether or not it is your home language, would give you an opportunity to contribute to your child's learning of new vocabulary and how the new words or expressions are used within a story or context.
  • Could you read books to learn mathematics? Yes! 
  • Most of the books we suggest parents to read with their children have some mathematical ideas involved in the story or that could be related  to the story.
  • Sometimes, the ideas are very simple, other times they are more complex. In either case, learning these math ideas within a story is a great way for a child to see how mathematics relates to everyday life.
  • Children will enjoy and understand mathematical ideas better in this way than when they try to learn isolated computations, facts, or definitions. 

Examples of Books for Grades PreK-3

Examples of Books for Grades 4 and Up

Lists of Children’s Books to Learn Mathematics