TODOS MET Grant Past Recipients

Developing and Fostering a Positive Mathematics Identity for Multilingual Students
North Springfield Elementary School (K-5)
Springfield, Virginia
Mrs. Nichole Lindgren
Implementation Year: 2018-2019

Classroom teachers and ESOL teachers will participate in a full day of professional development to learn more about multilingual students and how to support their access and understanding of mathematics. Teachers will learn about equitable practices to develop a positive mathematics identity in students with a specific focus on what that entails for classrooms with multilingual students. Teachers will work as grade level teams to apply their learning. They will solve a mathematics task and discuss the instructional practices for a lesson that will foster the positive identities in students. Finally, teachers will develop a plan to tighten or revise their instructional practices in order to create an environment that affirms students' multilingual identities and develops positive mathematics identities.