Strategies to Balance Social and Math Goals in Social Justice Mathematics Lessons

March 12, 2024, at 4 PM Pacific

Presenters: Brent Jackson, Jill Neumayer DePiper, Maria Salciccioli

We will present our research on the implementation of "off-the-shelf" social justice mathematics lessons. We observed and analyzed more than 15 teachers’ enactment of various social justice mathematics lessons. We will present three strategies to balance social justice goals with mathematics goals while implementing off-the-shelf social justice mathematics lessons. We will share common challenges we observed and strategies that can be used to maintain rigorous and conceptual mathematics. Teachers' use of these strategies create opportunities to bolster students’ engagement with Standards for Mathematical Practice.Brent, Jill, and Maria are research associates in mathematics education at WestEd. Their current work includes the Citizen Math Impact Study.

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TODOS Blog on Environmental Issues

The TODOS Blog Committee is pleased to share the first installment in a series on environmental issues, Our World, Our Place, Our Home, Our Responsibility. We hope you will join us as we examine these issues through shared values and mathematics.

Antiracist Mathematics Education Is Now Available!

Antiracist Mathematics Education: Stories of Acknowledgment, Action, and Accountability is now available to purchase at Amazon. It includes stories grounded in the 2020 TODOS Position Statement, The Mo(ve)ment to Prioritize Antiracist Mathematics. This book reflects not only the rich experiences and deep expertise of its authors but also their passion for and commitment to creating antiracist learning environments that empower students to strengthen their mathematical identities. Review the Annotated Table of Contents. Purchase your copy today!

2023 Iris M. Carl Awardees Announcement

The 2023 Iris M. Carl Equity and Leadership Awardee is Harold Asturias. “Harold is also one of the leading experts in the Bay Area and nationally on teaching mathematics to English learners” cited one nominee. Another nominee indicated that “he is a connector who recognizes the needs of a program and the strengths of his ever-expanding group of colleagues and then matches them together to expand on and improve their collective work.” Congratulations, Harold!

The 2023 Iris M. Carl Equity in Teaching Awardee Erin Sylves. Erin Sylves received the TODOS Iris M. Carl Equity in Teaching Award. One nominator said, “She uses her role to build the capacity of school leaders and teachers to create the best learning environment possible for all students; breaking down silos and helping schools redesign systems to create equitable learning outcomes.” Another said “She did and continues to do what many find uncomfortable: confront deficit thinking in many contexts and with many educators ….” Congratulations, Erin!


TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is a professional organization that advocates for equity and excellence in mathematics education for ALL students - in particular, Latina/o students. Founded in 2003 and with over 800 members from across the country, TODOS Members know that Equity and Excellence in Mathematics Matter! We promote Social Justice in Mathematics education and provide high-quality resources to help reach our Mission and Goals.

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