Upcoming TODOS Live! Sessions

Four-Dimensional Education: Equity and Access to Education and Jobs

Date: May 20 ~ 4:00 PM PDT 

Presenter: Greg Ludwa

Description: Among those who teach Juveniles, the Incarcerated, and Adults, building curriculum around the concept of Four-Dimensional Education (Fadel, Bialek, & Trilling, 2015) is a way to innovate our curriculum and to help teach our students the creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills that they will need to move up the socio-economic ladder in the 21st Century

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Four Tools to Engage ELs in Math, for both the Classroom and Distance Learning

Date: June 2 ~ 1:00 PM PDT 

PresenterJim Ewing

Description: Teachers and administrators, your effort during Covid-19 has been exemplary. Now, let’s get ready for the fall and learn strategies that are effective both in the classroom and remotely.

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Exploring the Shifts in our Student's Social/Emotional Well-Being

Date: June 10 ~ 4:00 PM PDT 

Presenter: Amy Brooks

Description: Educators will be invited to reflect on the changing patterns of human interactions that impact instruction. We will share how we are navigating social distancing and what we are doing to adjust to new norms in the school experience.

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