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Link to information on current Season of TODOS Live!  Season six (2016-2017) school year 

Season 5

Our Questions and Their Discourse are the Keys to Their Engagement and Learning Presented by Steve Leinwand

Language rich classrooms where students are actively engaged in thinking, communicating and problem solving because the questions we ask and the discourse we enable are the classroom in which children thrive.  We'll look at a range of examples of the questions that stimulate discourse and the amazing things that emerge when an answer is only a first step. View recording

Weaving Indigenous Perspectives & Mathematics: Landscape of Success for ALL Learners (Part 1) Presented by Florence Glanfield

In this session we will explore the different ways in which Indigenous perspectives are woven into mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning; and the ways in which those perspectives might inform success for ALL learners.

Engaging Every Learner Through Hands-On Instruction Presented by Sara Moore

A solid understanding of fractions is critical for student success in mathematics. The language of fractions is precise and often confusing to learners. Manipulative models provide a structure for helping students master the vocabulary of fractions and see the connections between whole number operations and fraction operations. This workshop will share strategies for using manipulatives to model and build conceptual understanding of fraction operations. View recording

STEM’ify Your Community: STEM for ALL and ALL for STEM Presented by Carrie Chiapetta

Stamford has instituted the Stamford STEMfest which is a day of free activities centered around STEM. This festival is modeled after Ireland's Maths Week. The Stamford STEMfest goals include: 1) building an awareness about STEM for students and their parents, 2) demonstrating to students how much fun these disciplines can be, 3) showing students how these disciplines are inherent in many of the things we do every day, and 4) having students learn about the career and college opportunities in STEM. This event has been extremely successful in getting all students and the community to learn about STEM. The event is now being done in other cities around the country. Learn about this event, how it has impacted the community, and how you can get involved!  View recording

Making Sense and Creating Connections with Transformations    #TL929 Presented by Greisy Winicki Landman.

One of the new content highlights of the CCSS-M is the use of transformations. During this session teachers will make sense of their definitions, their progression and the different roles they play in mathematics, not just in geometry.  Teachers will be invited to reflect on the different modalities used to maintain rigorous but accessible discourse and to discuss how to implement these approaches with their own students.  View recording

Visual Geometry Proofs: Creating Rich Language Experiences without Language! Presented by

We will explore ways to simultaneously promote language development and concept development using visual proofs for areas and volumes of shapes. View recording  This was the first recording on our new platform and there are some problems with the audio

Archived Sessions are being moved to the new platform.


TODOS is moving  archived videos of TODOS Live! to Vimeo.  Links will be updated  as the move is completed. Thank you for your patience. 

TODOS Live began with a grant from NCTM,s Mathematical Trust. We did have problems with recording the sessions, and have changed  the 'platform' for TODOS LIVE!. This will result in some of the older sessions being lost, but allow us much more space to keep the archives. 

Archived Session Information

Season Four Archived Sessions

Using Representations to Introduce Early Number and Fraction Concepts presented by Linda Gojak
Using various concrete materials and drawings can help elementary students make the connection to developing conceptual understanding. This connection is especially important for ELL students. This session will focus on concrete representations for key number concepts in the Common Core

Strategic Uses of the Number line Presented by Greisy Winicki

In this session participants will experience and reflect about some activities developed for teachers and their students. Some of the hidden assumptions/conventions about the use of the number line in mathematics will be made explicit. We will particularly focus on its strategic uses while making sense of quantities and the operations among them (MP2).

Fractions on a Number Line presented by Susie Håkansson

The CCSS-M emphasizes the use of the number line as a model for fractions. This session will increase teachers’ conceptual understanding of fractions using the number line approach through problem solving and discourse and will include activities and materials for use in the classroom. The CCSS-M Standards for Mathematical Practice and the English Language Proficiency Development (ELPD) Framework will be infused


Season Three Archived Sessions


Julia Aguirre Enhancing the Common Core with Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching - General As more states move to the Common Core, we must ask ourselves as teachers of mathematics how we will support all our students to meet these increasing content and practice standards. This webinar will discuss key principles of Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching in relation to common core mathematical practices and implementation. The focus will be primarily on k-8 mathematics with a special emphasis on children's mathematical thinking, discourse, language, culture and social justice

Kim Csulak and Ann McCallum Integrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice with Polynomial Multiplication- Grades 9-12 Explore how the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP) can be integrated into a lesson on exploring multiple methods to multiply polynomials. Examine how the SMP can support the learning of all learners, with a focus on ELL learners, in the mathematics classroom. Discussions will include strategies for integrating the SMP into lessons for English Language Learners and how these practices promote the success of all learners. Teachers are welcome to share their strategies for success as well!

Melissa Hosten  PART ONE 'Formative Assessment in the age of Common Core: What we can learn from SBAC and PARCC? The CCSS Assessments are quickly approaching and many educators are wondering what is in store and what steps they can take now to set their students(especially their ELLs)  up for success. 

Melissa Hosten  PART TWO 'Formative Assessment in the age of Common Core: What we can learn from SBAC and PARCC?' The CCSS Assessments are quickly approaching and many educators are wondering what is in store and what steps they can take now to set their students(especially their ELLs)  up for success. 

Jim Ewing "Facilitating the MPs from the CCSSM for ELLs. Who says Teaching is easy! (grades 3-5 focus)" The mathematical practices can be a framework to determine how successful our tasks are.  Furthermore, we need to find tasks that facilitate all students participating in the MPs.  Suggestions will be discussed for ways to promote the MPs to English language learners while meeting other students’ needs at the same time.  Teachers are welcome to share their favorite tasks.


Season Two Archived Sessions


Nuria Jaumot-Pascal  "Mixing in Math Webinar" Learn about the over 200 resources in Mixing in Math, a set of FREE materials in English and Spanish that add math to fitness, nature, cooking, and daily routines.

Don Balka  "TODOS Live! General Session Effective Mathematics Activities for English Language Learners."

Higinio Dominquez "TODOS LIVE! General Session  Learning from English Learners in Mathematics_ Voices Unheard, Methodologies Unused."

Florence Glanfield “TODOS LIVE! General Session Mathematics and First Peoples of North America.”

Nora Ramirez   “TODOS LIVE! Common Core State Standards (Part 1) The Mathematical Practices in Action.”

Nora Ramirez “ TODOS LIVE! Common Core State Standards (Part 2)_ Where we are? Where we are going? How do we get there?” 4-16-12 Nora repeated this session on May 2

Judit Moschkovich TODOS LIVE! Equitable practices in the math classroom

Melissa Hosten High School: TODOS LIVE! Part 1 Using Structure to Support ELLs: How the CCS for Mathematics Can Work for ELL Instruction"  Part 2 will be held in August


Inaugural Year Archived Session Information

Harold Asturias   "TODOS Live! General Session #1 Harold Asturias: Using Concepts as Scaffolding for Mathematics English Language Development."    – download pdf

Kathryn  Chval  "TODOS Live! General Session #2, Kathryn Chval, Achieving Excellence and Equity for Latino Students: A View through Their Eyes Part One     Part two

Ed Nolan "TODOS Live! Grades 9 Through 12, Session 1, Ed Nolan, Multiple Representations for Rate of Change"

Heather Navarro and Noel Villegas "TODOS Live! Grades 3 Through 5, Session 1, Part 1, Heather Navarro & Noel Villegas, Investigating With Concrete Models"

Heather Navarro  TODOS Live! Grades 3 Through 5, Part 2, Heather Navarro, Building the Bridge to Abstract Understanding

 Rochelle Gutierrez  “TODOS Live! General Session #3 Rochelle Gurierrez: Beyond the Achievement Gap: Helping your Students Play/Change the Game”  download pdf

  Melissa Hosten “TODOS LIVE! Grade 9-12 Session 2, Melissa Hosten, Supporting Proof for ELLs, Struggling Learners and Others”  download pdf

Allison Davis & Socorro Tapetillo TODOS LIVE Grade K-2 Supporting Children’s Numerical Operations with Math Games and Graphic Organizers

Mark Driscoll TODOS LIVE! Grades 6-8, Geometric Reasoning and problem solving The recording of Mark's session was poor  powerpoint – download PDF

Bob McDonald & Nora Ramirez TODOS LIVE! Grade 6-8 Session #2 Thinking about a PLC /Lesson Study with a TODOS Twist?

Amy Parks TODOS LIVE! Grades K-2, Session #2 Supporting Students' Engagement in Meaningful Mathematics through Play

Sandra Crespo TODOS LIVE! General Session Is it groupworthy_ What makes mathematics tasks worthy of group solving


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