The TODOS Iris M. Carl Equity and Leadership Award

The TODOS Iris M. Carl Equity and Leadership Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the quality of mathematics education provided to underserved students, in particular to Latina/o students. The honoree is a mathematics educator who exhibits commitment to improving the mathematics education for all students and has made, or is making unique contributions that have impacted equity and access for underserved students. The individual’s work in improving mathematics has influenced the school, community, leaders and practitioners, and its impact has been sustained.

2018 Iris M. Carl Awardee: Kathyrn Chval

2017 Iris Carl Awardee: Lee Stiff
2016 Iris Carl Awardees: José Franco and Rochelle Gutierrez
2015 Iris Carl Awardee: Gilbert Cuevas
2014 Iris Carl Awardees: Florence Anne Glanfield and Nora G. Ramirez
2013 Iris Carl Awardees: Marta Civil and Susie W. Hakansson
2012 Iris Carl Awardees: Harriet Haynes and Diane Kinch
2011 Iris Carl Awardee: Carol A. Edwards
2010 Iris Carl Awardee: Bob McDonald
2009 Iris Carl Awardee: Kay Gilliland
2008 Iris Carl Awardee: Miriam Leiva
2007 Iris Carl Awardee: Ed Silver
2006 Iris Carl Awardee: Guillermo Mendieta

Iris M. Carl Equity and Leadership Award Committee:

Jose Franco, Co-Chair, CA


Rochelle Gutiérrez, Co-Chair, IL


Lee Stiff


Kathyrn Chval